When In Doubt, Feed Your Self 5.3.2011

I had a real hard day at work today, not work it self, but a tertiary force crushed me today. As I limped home in my loaner car (ya, my Suby is in the shop!) I was absolutely feeling bested by all forces, natural and other worldly. As I forced my self to attempt a sustenance based meal I perused the fridge. The last frozen jar of  pasta sauce I made from last summer, and what is becoming a heel of a piece of Parmigiano. Pasta I thought, duh, just make your self some pasta… oh and grab that small ziplock of diced onion from the other night. Still feeling like crap I put butter in a pan to melt then added the diced onion, dash of salt a pepper. By the time I fidgeted for a wooden spoon and came back to the stove, it was all I needed. the smell of  the onions in the butter just stopped everything bad that happened in that terrible 9 hours. It was so reassuring and utterly pleasant to know I could always make my self smile with some heat and some butter! It is hard to put into words but I was so content at the moment to go through the motions of preparing a meal. I realized today that cooking for me is more than exploration, expression, and respect, but it seems now it is necessary for my happiness. Feel me?
(I didn’t photo my meal, but posted a picture of tomatillo, eggplant, and pear I  harvested last summer, to represent simplicity)
P.S. Thanks Kari.

About Todd Templeman

I am a product and fashion stylist in Portland OR. But more than that, I love to eat. I love what it makes me think about, or even see. I love that food brings family and friends to your door, or can be your best friend on a lonely night. I love all the aspects that surround great food, and my blog will contain a cross section of the food related happenings in my life and the world around me. Enjoy...
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One Response to When In Doubt, Feed Your Self 5.3.2011

  1. Robert says:

    Very nice, bringing it home, finding center…enjoying it.

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