Pickles 7.6.2011

For all those great outdoor meals that are happening right now, one thing is commonly missing… pickles. No, not your babysitter’s ancient jar of those sweet butter chip things, I mean home made pickles! The cool refreshing snap of a tangy, spicy vegetable is perfect  hot day food, and the acidity is just what you need to cut through that blue cheese bacon burger with extra aioli your buddy just plated  you. Yesterday I ran out of my pickles, so I whipped up another batch. This time around I went for currie pickled green beans, and spicy pickled rhubarb and fennel bulb. The method I use is the infused pickles method which is much easier, faster and safer than fermented pickles. Don’t get me wrong though, fermented pickles are the real deal, and someday I will venture down that path, but for now infusing will more than do, and they keep up to around 4- 6 months! Get creative and pickle your favorite vegetables, mushrooms, hearty greens, and root veggies are great pickling material! For an explanation of infused pickles by a pro, click the link above.

About Todd Templeman

I am a product and fashion stylist in Portland OR. But more than that, I love to eat. I love what it makes me think about, or even see. I love that food brings family and friends to your door, or can be your best friend on a lonely night. I love all the aspects that surround great food, and my blog will contain a cross section of the food related happenings in my life and the world around me. Enjoy...
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