Potted Crab

One of the dishes I made for Christmas eve was a potted crab meat. It turned out divine! Think crab pate, with a rich buttery flavor and mild sweet taste of the sea. I processed crab meat till it was chopped very fine, then added lots of clarified butter and baked it in a water bath. After cooling I poured a layer of clarified butter on top to seal it all in. This method of potting meat is amazing and can be done many different ways with all kinds of meat and fish, and after being sealed with lard, fat or pastry crust potted meat can last for a year or more in a dark cool larder!

About Todd Templeman

I am a product and fashion stylist in Portland OR. But more than that, I love to eat. I love what it makes me think about, or even see. I love that food brings family and friends to your door, or can be your best friend on a lonely night. I love all the aspects that surround great food, and my blog will contain a cross section of the food related happenings in my life and the world around me. Enjoy...
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