South Carolina BBQ

One of my favorite times of the year to BBQ besides summer, is the dead of winter. When we get clear, cold, sunny days, the smell of hickory and applewood smoke seems to lift a persons spirit in a unique way. I am by no means a BBQ wiz, but I do have my preferences, and since I love swine and like my mop sauce tangy South Carolina style is my favorite. I started with a 4 pound bone in, untrimmed boston butt which took my dry rub over night, then promptly at 8 a.m. the next morning went into my little earthenware DIY pitt. Once in the little pitt it spends about 5 hours getting smoke, then another 6 hours with no smoke and the temperature at a constant 225 F for the entire time. At the end it is easy, don’t get fancy. Make a traditional plate, put the finishing sauce on the side, and enjoy the depth of flavor you only get by slow BBQ!


About Todd Templeman

I am a product and fashion stylist in Portland OR. But more than that, I love to eat. I love what it makes me think about, or even see. I love that food brings family and friends to your door, or can be your best friend on a lonely night. I love all the aspects that surround great food, and my blog will contain a cross section of the food related happenings in my life and the world around me. Enjoy...
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