Knife Block Mod

A few weeks ago I discovered a self induced dilemma. Around Christmas time I treated my self to a new kitchen knife, I bought the 10″ carbon steel chefs knife from Kramer Zwilling Euroline. Before I even got my knife home I knew it was not going to fit in the biggest slot of my Wusthof knife block, so I began to brainstorm a solution. I decided to build a one slot block for my new knife and piggy back it on my Wusthof block. After a trip to Woodcrafters and my parents house where my father has a plethora of wood working tools I emerged with my new block! The bottom is Red Oak, the top is Cherry, and the spacers are Purple Hart. It glued very well to the top of my existing block, and holds my new knife perfectly with plenty of room to reach in and grab it by the bolster before you draw it from the block. Thanks to Dave Seoane for the tips on sourcing materials and my dad for the rad power tools! Measure twice, cut once!


About Todd Templeman

I am a product and fashion stylist in Portland OR. But more than that, I love to eat. I love what it makes me think about, or even see. I love that food brings family and friends to your door, or can be your best friend on a lonely night. I love all the aspects that surround great food, and my blog will contain a cross section of the food related happenings in my life and the world around me. Enjoy...
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