Thomas Leithner

This last weekend I decided the Gruner Veltliner is my go to white for summer 012′! I have had this regularly of the last 2 weeks and it has shown itself strong before, during, and after dinner, with all sorts of food. It is bright, has clean white fruit notes, and a nice sharp minerality that makes a hot day and every thing from charcuterie to fish tacos seem cooler and fresh. Oh… did I mention that it comes in 1L bottles with a crown cap, this makes it my car-camping beverage pick of the summer!

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Lunch Lift Me Up

We had such a sunny and beautiful weekend in Portland, yet on saturday running errands and frustrations of force du jour had me down. I decided the only thing that could save me was a light spring lunch, so I grabbed a couple things from the store and searched the larder for the rest. A board of finger sandwiches, Gala apples, sliced sopressata, Morbier Trois Comtois cheese, and truffled Marcona almonds along with a glass of Thomas Leithner Gruner Veltliner killed my afternoon blues. The rest of the day was smooth sailing, thanks food!

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Michael Crichton & Summer

As some know this is one of my favorite food, and product photographers that I would love to style for some day! His work always inspires me and makes me want to push, today I was in need of that so visited his portfolio and looked at some of his recent work to lift my spirit. As striking as the new photos are I decided to post this one cause well… we just had our first real warm day here in Portland this weekend, so this just hit me as a perfect image for inspiration, hope, and expectation. Thanks Michael!

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Fugu License

Most of us especially sashimi heads, have heard of the famous blow fish that is served in Japan that is deadly to eat if not cleaned by an expert. The poisonous liver of the Fugu is huge and very delicate, and thus requires a license to serve and the license requires 7 years if training! In a very American attempt to cut prices of blowfish and  make it more accessible, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is changing laws more than 60 years old, and allowing restaurants without a license to get in on this lucrative trade. This of course has enraged  licensed chefs who ultimately worry this will down play the very serious danger of preparing the fish.


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Oven & Shaker

Yesterday me and couple of my friends went to Oven & Shaker for happy hour, this new pizza spot is a partnership between Cathy Whims of Nostrana and a well known Northwest bartender Ryan Magarian. It is located at the foot of the Pearl District on NW Everett, and offers a happy hour all week which is a sweet deal, cause I got a coke and wood burning oven cooked pizza for $10! I also really like their logo and type, which goes a long way for me.

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Pate En Croute pt. 2

I have been rattling off some pate en croutes this week in between bookings. I have been inlaying special ingredients, and my latest version includes roasted pistachios folded into the chicken liver mousse! It looks gorgeous and stunning when you slice it open, and the pistachios add a smooth buttery flavor as well as that amazing chartreuse and emerald green! Yum!

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An Xuyen Bakery

I had not been to An Xuyen in far too long, and yesterday some sub conscious craving for a vietnamese french sandwich came rushing to the surface. Many of you have long known of this precious bakery on SE foster in Portland, and for good reason! The french style sandwiches with vietnamese ingredients are so light and flavorful, as well as every pastry, cookie, and bread they make is amazing. The prices there also have to be mentioned… very very affordable! If you and your friend go there to get lunch you could leave with 2 sandwiches, 2 pastries, and 2 drinks for about $10 easy! Check it out.

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